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You can send messages of love and encouragement to your Campers & Staff?

CampCards are one-way communications sent by e-mail. Once daily, our Staff will deliver printed copies of these messages to the campers.

The charge for this is a one-time $5 fee to cover printing costs for all the Campers in your family. 

To learn more and sign up please click this link.

2016 GOMOP Summer Camp Blog

GOYA Session 3 (Full)

We've had an amazing first session of GOYA camp. In addition to enjoying our beautiful new cabins (complete with new showers and air conditioning!), we've had a week full of incredible activities,...
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JOY - Week 2 - Tuesday

Today we learned about how various characters in the Bible reacted to Jesus, and we discussed how that applies to our life. Another group also got to use the low ropes course, and we also had...
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JOY - Week 2 - Monday

We had an amazing first day of camp. After morning prayer, we listened to an Orthodox Life session from the clergy on the Person of Christ. We got to do craft, music, and activity rotations, and...
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JOY - Week 1 - Wednesday

On Wednesdays we have an alternate schedule which we call 'Witness Wednesday'. The purpose of this change is to help facilitate campers participating in the Mystery of Confession. His...
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JOY - Week 1 - Tuesday

Another wonderful day at camp today! We had an excellent Orthodox Life presentation: we learned about how various people reacted to Christ during His earthly ministry, and how different people...
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JOY - Week 1 - Monday

To start our week together, we celebrated the Blessing of the Waters service, met the staff, and learned our wonderful theme song for 2016, "Can't Stop the Feeling." We learned about what Christ...
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