2017 Stewards of the Metropolis

Many Thanks to the 2017 Stewards of the  Holy Metropolis of Pittsburgh

(Reflecting contributions received through 12/15/2017)



His Eminence Metropolitan Savas


Archon Harry & Joyce Athanasiou

Fr. Christopher & Pres. Dr. Filitsa Bender

Fr. George & Pres. Kassiani Callos

Rev. Dr. Stephen & Pres. Dr. Christina Callos

Archon Nicholas & Heidi Chakos

Theodore Cherpas

Kyriakos & Alexandra Davides

Mary Doreza

Fr. Jim & Pres. Goldie Doukas

Mr. & Mrs. John Frangakis

Fr. Nicholas Gamvas

George & Sundy Gulu

George & Mary Halkias

Damon & Carol Halkias

George & Eleni Haralamos

Archon Michael & Maureen Kusturiss

Archon Nick & Kathy Lekas

Archon Dr. Nicholas & Susan Loutsion

Dn. Robert & Dssa. Nikki Lykos

Paul Markos

John Mazias


Fr. Frank & Pres. Cynthia Milanese

Robert Moeller

Fr. Matthew & Pres. Jennifer Moore

Venetia Moreno

George Mouhlas

Fr. Nicholas & Pres. Irene Palis

Archon Peter Clyde Papadakos

Andrew Papoutsis

Michael Passodelis

Archon Steve Poulos

Helen Rankin

Archon Steve & Irene Sellas

John Skabardonis

Sam Spanos

George & Elizabeth Spanos

Gus & Maria Stamoolis

Stacey Stathulis

Archon Ted & Irene Theodore

George & Crystal Thomas

Archon Peter & Carol Tsudis

Archon Dr. Manual & Madeline Tzagournis

Archon Peter Vatsures

Tulla & Perry Velisaris

Nicholas Veronis

Archon Philip & Dena Yamalis


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