GOYAns​ Honoring God Through Stewardship

GOYAns from St Nicholas Cathedral in Bethlehem PASt. Nicholas Church in Bethlehem, PA has begun a stewardship program for GOYA-age kids to encourage their love of God and the church. Young people in parishes across the Metropolis give of their time and talent through service projects, dance troupes, as acolytes, readers, vacation bible school helpers and much more – why not teach them about financial stewardship too?

“We simply asked ‘What are we doing to create future stewards – of our parish or any parish?’ said Fr. Alexandros Petrides, an assistant priest at St. Nicholas. “Logically, it would seem that GOYAns who are stewards become young adults and adults who are stewards. That’s our hope.”

In fact, GOYA stewardship program has had an enlightening affect – on parents. “We have parents who are now completing stewardship forms because their GOYA-age kids have,” added Fr. Alexandros.

The stewardship form is available online and takes a just few moments to complete


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